Safety on Installing a Garage Door Spring

Accidents related to the automatic garage doors are reported for an average of 30,000 cases in a year according to the USA Consumer Product Safety Commission.

These accidents could be reported as amputations, fractures, and even crushing under the garage door that could lead to further dangers like death. The most dangerous factor is the “torsion springs”. It means that if you choose to perform a garage door spring replacement project on your own or have famous garage door repair services nearby you to do it professionally, certain safety measurements should be followed when it concerns this project.

Old versus new parts: Recent models of garage door springs have a core rod running inside the coil of the spring. This is why old models of springs are considered risky and dangerous especially in the event of breakage. They are assumed to throw off broken steel shrapnel pieces around your garage. Don’t let them damage your car and body. With the core rod running in the recent models of springs, it will retain the broken chinks of material in case of breakage. Naturally, you will choose a newer design of springs.

Types of garage door springs: The torsion spring is a recent type of operating system which may consist of one or two springs for the garage door. These springs are wounded up around a steel rod that is placed at the header of a garage door. What do you need to inspect for? A high amount of tension is generated when your garage door travels on tracks. Under such circumstances, the spring can break easily and if you are trying to close the garage door manually when malfunctioning occurs, remember a couple of points:

  • Don’t try to grab it when it is falling down
  • Quickly let it go and jump away from the area
  • Make sure that nobody around where the garage door slams

In the case of dual garage door springs, both of them must be replaced at the same time even if one spring breaks. It may cause a little more effort and cost. But having an old garage door spring along a new spring will only increase the risks of potential damages around the garage. Extension garage door springs are an older form of spring system that was a useful device in a garage door. They are supposed to guide the garage door opening and the closing process by maintaining the weight of the garage door. Anyone who has older designs of a spring system will observe how dangerous they are. This is one of the reasons it is no longer manufactured. Experts suggest that old models of the garage doors should be replaced with new and secured ones. A solution comes in the form of safety cables. 

The safety cables of the garage door: The safety system of the garage door consists of heavy-duty material similar to steel cables. Even if the springs break, the chunks will go ballistic within a certain range where you have installed the safety cables. You can install the garage door cables after inspecting and measuring what type of cables you need for your garage door.