Garage Door Spring Installation Problems

Heavy-duty garage door springs are used to aid the garage door in the opening and closing process. You may not realize, that without a good set of springs, your garage door will be a heavy object to lift or lower by hand. An average garage door weighs up to 500 pounds.

So, garage door springs are used to make the garage door something that you can open or close effortlessly. Professional garage door contractors evaluated that garage door springs last about 10,000 operating cycles. It means that they may last for about seven years before they need to be replaced.  Many people look at the springs and believe that it is surely a project that they can handle on their own but it is strongly advised that you should know about some dangers of garage door spring installation before doing anything.  It is always wise to get professional garage door services like, Fort Worth garage door spring repair to do this job for you.

Garage door springs are responsible to lift a garage door that weighs somewhere up to 1000 pounds. Due to the great amount of pressure held by these springs, if they break eventually, they can cause significant damage to human life, car, or other stuff. Removal of garage door springs also presents the same dangers. In case, the garage door spring slips from the device being used to hold it into place during the installation process, it can become a lethal projectile that can hurt anyone.

When the garage door spring is removed, the garage door is longer supported by a reliable tool. If your garage door is in the up position then it can fall suddenly along its tracks and can smash anything around it. Don’t forget that a garage door opener is used to open and close the garage door with the help of springs but it is not a trustworthy device to support the weight of the garage door. When a garage door could fall down, it could crush human or car and cause serious damage. A garage door with glass windows could send shards of broken junk glass around the garage and cause significant accidents.

Garage door spring installation is not the right job for amateur individuals; this is why it should be left to professional garage door installers. Not only will they have the correct tools and appropriate knowledge for the project but they also have extensive experience with the garage door springs since they have done this job before. They have been properly qualified and trained to install the garage door springs so that there will be no chance of injuries and damage.

If the above discussion has not convinced you to hire professional garage door services, at least call them to get a free quotation before doing anything on your own. It is noticed that garage door experts can do this project in just one hour and the cost is a little more than you would pay for the garage door spring project. If you don’t have the right tool then you will have to buy them and your saving may be lost on such tools that you will not use in the future. You may have to spend more to replace the broken springs than if you have the job done on your own.  Professional garage door services give you the assurance that your garage door will function properly.

Since there are garage door spring installation and replacement risks involved in the project, make sure that any professional garage door expert has insurance and certification. Then in the unlikely event that accidents do happen, the insurance will cover all the expenses.