How to Install Garage Door Springs

Installing garage door springs on your own is not recommended. It should be done by professional and trained garage door technicians. In this article, I will describe the process of installing spring but do not in any way suggest it perform on your own. Please click here to call a garage door contractor for this job.

It is extremely important that don’t try to attempt garage door spring replacement on your own if you are not qualified and experienced enough. The incorrect or improper installation of garage door springs has been reported to injuries individuals who simply did the wrong work. Don’t put your life in danger. If you are not sure about your capabilities and skills about how to install garage door springs safely, just make a call to have a professional at your place. If you are confident that you can handle it on your own, make sure that you follow all the manual instructions provided by the manufacturers while performing the task.

First, if you are in the process of replacing the existing garage door then you need to remove the springs, especially the torsion one, you should be extremely careful. These springs are power and have the strength to lift more than 400 pounds. If they suddenly break due to old age or rust, they can hurt you.

Once you have removed the springs successfully, you are ready to install a new garage; you just have to unpack everything which came with the garage door package. There will be plenty of individual components and a list of parts that are supposed to be in the package. Make sure that you have all of the parts in your hand before you start anything otherwise you could find yourself in big trouble.

Garage door springs are placed on the torsion bar, so make sure that you have adjusted the upper brackets in place before even installing the springs. Here user’s manual will be beneficial to follow. Garage door installation can be done by one person to some extent. But you will need an extra set of handles to install garage door springs. It is a point where you might have to call a professional.

You may need to install the extra mounting brackets for the springs depending on the weight of the garage door. The walls of the garage should be strong and sturdy enough to support the weight of the garage but if they are not, you may have to add extra mounting brackets to secure the garage door.  Some garage door kits come with extra brackets while others not.

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Next, you will have to lift up the cables to the drums that you have installed near the springs and then you should cover each ending corner of the bar with a tube retainer. You should be extremely careful while installing the winding units because they put tension on the spring so they should be function properly. Any mistake did here could cause to release of the tension which could be dangerous. Once you have provided enough winds to springs, you want to test the performance of garage door by lifting it up few inches and then adjust the springs accordingly.

Overall, this article is just a guideline to show you how the job is done. But you should never attempt to replace the torsion springs on your own. It is extremely suggested that take the help of a professional garage door expert in this project.